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Retail Menu
Gourmet Caramel Apples 
We take Granny Smith Apples and turn them into a delectable treat!  

Chocolate Pecan Turtle -
 caramel dipped apple, then dipped in milk chocolate and then covered in pecan pieces  

Butterfinger - caramel dipped apple, then dipped in milk chocolate then covered with crushed Butterfinger pieces

S'mores - caramel dipped apple, then dipped in milk chocolate then covered with marshmallows, then sprinkled with mini morsels and graham cracker crumbs 

Apple Pie - caramel dipped apple, then dipped in white chocolate then rolled in brown sugar and cinnamon

Snicker - caramel dipped apple, then dipped in milk chocolate then covered with Snicker pieces

**Minimum order 1 dozen
Milk Chocolate Fudge
Peanut Butter Fudge
Rocky Road Fudge

Fancy Chocolate Dipped Strawberries
Drizzled Strawberries 
Fancy Strawberries
Fancy Strawberries


Dessert Cakes 
8 inch (serves 10-12)
10 inch (serves 20-30)
German Chocolate
Red Velvet
Carrot Cake
Italian Creme
Lemon Creme
Strawberry Cream Cheese
Pound Cakes
Old-Fashion Butter Pound Cake -
Lightly dusted w/Powdered Sugar                     
Lemon Pound Cake - Lemon Drizzle
Strawberry Pound Cake - Fresh Strawberry Drizzle
Carrot Cake - Cream Cheese Drizzle
Chocolate - Chocolate Drizzle
Red Velvet - Cream Cheese Drizzle

Desserts/Pies *Serves 10-12
Peach Cobbler
Apple Cobbler
Cherry Cobbler
Blueberry Cobbler
Creamy "Whipped" Banana Pudding 
Sweet Potato Pie (Seasonal)

Gluten Free Items
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Sugar Cookies

Dessert Cakes
8 inch
10 inch

**Minimum order 2 dozen

Sugar Free Items
Chocolate Cake Ball Truffles
Butter Pound Cake Ball Truffles
**Minimum order 2 dozen

Dessert Cakes
8 inch

Chocolate Cake w/Chocolate Icing 
Yellow Cake w/Buttercream Icing

**Minimum order 2 dozen

Dessert Items
Pecan Pie
Splenda Peach Cobbler

Cake Ball Truffles 
*Bite-size cake w/frosting hand rolled to form a ball then dipped in chocolate.
*Minimum order 2 dozen all one flavor 

Milk chocolate flavors 
German Chocolate w/Coconut Pecan
Strawberry w/Strawberry Cream Cheese
White Cake w/Cream Cheese
Dark chocolate flavors
Chocolate Chocolate
Butter Pound Cake w/Buttercream
White chocolate flavors
Carrot Cake w/Cream Cheese
Red Velvet w/Cream Cheese
Italian Creme w/Cream Cheese
Lemon w/Lemon

Cake Ball Truffle Gift Set
*Please limit 2 flavors per gift set

Information to be updated...please check back at a later date. Thanks

Chocolate Pecan Turtle Cheesecake              
Cherry Cheesecake                                      
Fresh Strawberry Cheesecake
Sweet Potato Cheesecake
Serves 10-12


Prices and menu items subject to change without notice.   

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